React Native for Android uses Gradle for builds. For some content to be packaged correctly for Android, it must be placed in the android/src/main/assets/ directory. If you are building a project for both iOS and Android, you may need to have duplicate assets in the required locations for each platform.

I chose to put my primary assets in the iOS or app directories and copy them on build to the locations for android. Below is an example of how I was able to do this.

In android/app/build.gradle I added a new copy task at the bottom of the file:

task copyHtmlFiles(type: Copy) {
    from file("../../app/content/legal-notice.html")
    from file("../../app/content/privacy-policy.html")
    into file("./src/main/assets/www/")


This task runs before build and will copy both HTML files in the app/content/ directory to the android/src/main/assets/www/ directory. The file paths are relative to the location of the build.gradle file.

Now the local HTML file can be loaded by react-native-webview in both iOS and Android with the following:

    Platform.OS === "ios"
      ? require("../../content/privacy-policy.html")
      : { uri: "file:///android_asset/www/privacy-policy.html" }