Works with standard BIOS and when not using LVM.

  1. Shut down VM, resize disk in ESXi by editing VM and entering a larger size
  2. Download GParted live ISO from
  3. Edit the VM, select the GParted ISO in the CDROM settings and ensure it is connected
  4. In VM Options, select "Force BIOS setup" under "Boot Options"
  5. Boot the VM. In BIOS setup, change boot order to load CDROM first
  6. Exit and restart, GParted iso will load
  7. GParted may want to fix free space issues, allow
  8. Select partion to resize and resize to full size
  9. Save and exit, shutdown VM
  10. Edit VM and remove ISO from CDROM (disconnect), can also enter BIOS again and change boot order, but not necessary
  11. In VM, sudo cfdisk
  12. Select partion to resize (up and down arrow) and select "Resize" (left and right arrow)
  13. Should pre-populate with new size, but enter desired size if it doesn't
  14. Arrow over to "Write" and confirm
  15. Restart VM with sudo reboot now
  16. Run df -h to get the filesystem name to resize
  17. Run sudo resize2fs /dev/{your_filesystem_name} to resize
  18. Verify you now have more available disk space with df -h